Planten un Blomen – green oasis with greenhouse

This is what guests wrote to us after their greet:

Planten un Blomen – green oasis with greenhouse
14. Feb 2021

The excursion with my Greeter Inge was very nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for that! Inge led me through many secret paths that I would never have found on my own and she told me about the history of the buildings and the people who lived in Hamburg at that time. We had an interesting and pleasant walk through the park “Planten un Blomen”, where we visited the greenhouse for tropical plants. Inge shared her personal experiences with me as if we were old friends. She inspired me to make several more trips to Hamburg and Germany in the future. I was very happy with my experience – there really is so much to discover in Hamburg. The greet with Inge showed me many new possibilities, it was very “hyggelig” with her and I would like to thank her for that!

Image source: Own production

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