Dream start in Planten un Blomen

This is what guests wrote to us after their greet:

Dream start in Planten un Blomen
14. Feb 2021

The contact with Frank via email and WhatsApp was very nice and pleasant. I had only briefly told Frank in keywords what I might like to see, and he had planned a nice route through the city on this basis. Our tour started quite relaxed with a walk through the “Planten un Blomen” park to the Michel. There, by chance, we arrived exactly at the 12 o’clock service, accompanied by some organ music. What luck! Then we continued on foot and by train to the Town Hall and Jungfernstieg. At the Hamburg tactile model at the Rathausmarkt, Frank told us about the city’s development, architectural features and the past and present use of various buildings and districts, for example at the Chilehaus and in the Warehouse district. Frank also explained well the special nature of the Port of Hamburg as an inland port and its importance for the city’s development. At the end of our tour, we took a harbour tour along the container terminals, which was very informative thanks to the entertaining live moderation. I saw pretty much everything you should see on a first visit to Hamburg. Thanks also to the perfect weather, it was a wonderful first day for me in Hamburg. You can’t get a better first overview of a city, including Frank’s advice on a possible “bad weather programme”. On the following two days of my stay, I explored the city on my own and picked up one or two of Frank’s tips. Since I had by no means seen everything, and my interest in the city grew the more I saw of it, Hamburg will definitely see me again sometime! The city has convinced me of its very special flair. I would like to thank Frank for his time, his sympathetic tour and the association for arranging it, and for the fact that you exist. I will definitely recommend you to others!

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