The Districts of Hamburg

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So Hamburg can also be summarized in numbers:
104 districts, divided into seven districts.

From Rissen in the west to Altengamme in the southeast, from Wohldorf-Olstedt in the north to Eißendorf in the south: people who love their district live everywhere.

The stream of tourists concentrates on a relatively few districts every year. Their names ring through the republic: St. Pauli, Sternschanze, Ottensen, Blankenese, Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum, Eppendorf, Winterhude, St. Georg, Hafencity.

So many guests also want a Greet – a free walking tour – through these districts with their many sights.


But we Greeters also like to show the hidden charms of other parts of town, from Niendorf to Barmbek to Bergedorf.


Hamburg Districts
At the Spritzenplatz in Ottensen


Ottensen: small district west of Altona station; lively street life, enchanted backyards and green oases characterize it; early example of gentrification: transformation of a formerly very simple district into a trendy neighborhood.


Rote Flora

Sternschanze (Schanzenviertel)

The “Schanze” is a colorful multicultural scene district. A Greet – the guided tour of a special kind – shows traditional and trendy stores, a variety of gastronomic offerings and cultural institutions.
Hamburg-Niendorf Marktkirche


Niendorf itself is a quiet “sleeping district”. In the evening there is nothing going on here and the few restaurants usually close at 10 pm at the latest. It is not completely quiet, because the airport blows some noise over. Nevertheless, the district has a high quality of life. Little crime, good shopping and infrastructure, no industry and very much green.
Zipper House St. Georg

St. Georg

St. Georg offers diversity, secret corners, culinary experiences, traditional crafts and a lively district on the smallest area. Come with us on a tour of St. Georg, the lively trendy district between the Alster and the main station.
Häuser am Kanal