Tour of Niendorf – always worthwile

Niendorf itself is a quiet “sleeping district”. In the evening, there is nothing going on here and the few restaurants usually close at 10 pm at the latest. It is not completely quiet, because the airport blows some noise over. Nevertheless, the district has a high quality of life. There is little crime, good shopping and infrastructure, no industry and a lot of green. Architecturally, the district has not much to offer with a few exceptions.
And yet: a tour of Niendorf is always worthwhile.

First visit to Hamburg

As a first time visitor to Hamburg we were greeted politely and had received a wealth of information beforehand to help us get started on our stay. Michael was a wealth of information for us and...

Peace and quality of life

Tibarg - Foto: Jürgen Schlenker

A lot going on: the Tibarg

The Tibarg is the pedestrian zone with shopping center. It is the old village center, where until the bombings in 1943 there were still quite a few farmhouses. The pedestrian zone was created by the extension of the U2 subway line to Niendorf-Markt (1985). The station is located directly under Tibarg. In 1991 the line was extended to Niendorf-Nord. On 30.9.1978 the last streetcar ended at Niendorf Markt.

Tibarg is very busy during the day. If you leave the station heading north, you’ll come to the Tibarg Center. It’s worth taking a quick look at the relatively small shopping center. The toy store, the tea store and the ice cream stand are especially recommended.

In the pedestrian zone you may encounter someone from the NDR or Alfons with the Püschel microphone. Since the NDR is close, the editors swarm for interviews gladly on the Tibarg.

Niendorf church

Niendorf church

The architectural gem of Niendorf is the market church, consecrated in 1770. It is considered the most important baroque building in Hamburg after the Michel. The architect Heinrich Schmidt designed the octagonal central building based on the model of the Relling church.


Niendorfer Gehege - Foto: Jürgen Schlenker

Niendorf enclosure

Just behind the church begins the Niendorfer Gehege. It is a 150 hectare forest, which is publicly accessible only since 1952. In this area, since 1900, many Hamburg merchants had built garden villas, some of which are now listed buildings.

In addition to the Mutzenbecher Villa, which is currently being saved from decay, the former villa of Johann Theodor Merck, director of HAPAG under the general director Albert Ballin, is worth mentioning.

Revierförsterei - Foto: Jürgen Schlenker

District forestry in the enclosure

The Niendorfer Gehege is more than “just” a forest. At the district forester’s office you can buy game meat before Easter (2020 because of Corona unfortunately not) and Christmas. Next to the forester’s lodge is the game preserve, which is very popular with children. The forest playground is also very popular.

In the enclosure should be a little crisscross to enjoy the forest but also ponds, small clearings, the villas, bogs and the many hiking trails.

Waldcafe Corell - Niendorfer Gehege

Forest café and pony meadow

The Waldcafé Corell has been an institution in Niendorf for 39 years. Game dishes are recommended, but there is also lighter fare and of course coffee and cake. The house is a hexagonal wooden building. Inside rustic and outside a beautiful garden restaurant. Pre-ordering days in advance is advised.

The view from the Waldcafe goes to a pony farm. Probably every Niendorfer child has sat here his first 20 minutes on the back of a pony. The view continues to a wide meadow and Knicklandschaft.

Feldmark Kollau

Field mark at the Kollau

Past the large pony meadow, we reach the Kollau, a 6-kilometer-long stream that rises in Schnelsen, first forms the border between Schnelsen and Niendorf and then between Eidelstedt and Niendorf. On the other side is the Eidelstedter Feldmark.
Here you are in the middle of the countryside. In the middle of it lies the farm Ramcke. Since the new noise barriers on the A 7 have been completed, it has become completely quiet here. Farmer Ramcke also offers seasonal gardens to about 200 hobby gardeners. The Feldmark is freely accessible with beautiful paths and corners.

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