More sights to see in Hamburg


Hamburg sights are diverse enough and all guests should be able to put together their individual program. As a Greeter, we are also happy to plan the visit together with you or give you tips for the visit.

Reeperbahn bei Tag - Davidwache


On the Reeperbahn and in the adjacent street life is raging, especially on weekends and at night. But also during the day there is a lot to see.

Treppenviertel - Foto: Barbara Hantschel

Staircase district Blankenese

The downstream Blankenese is definitely worth a visit. Particularly interesting there is the staircase quarter, which lives up to its name.

Die Tanzenden Türme - Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg - Konstantin Beck


It is not only since the construction of the HafenCity and the Elbphilharmonie that examples of impressive architecture can be found in Hamburg


Planetarium im Stadtpark - Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg


As early as 1930, a planetarium was built in the former water tower in Hamburg’s city park. The panoramic view from above should not be missed.

Sign of KomponistenQuartier


In the Neustadt, between the Michel and the Hamburg Museum, lies a small, fine museum dedicated to seven well-known composers, including woman composer Fanny Mendelssohn.

Galerie am Jungfernstieg - Foto: Mediaserver Hamburg - Deichtorhallen