Instead of a city tour – a greet!

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Hamburg tours and round trips of all kinds

Professional guided tours on (almost) every topic

If you want to get to know Hamburg, you will find a wide range of commercial city tours and sightseeing tours covering a wealth of topics.

Walking tours …

Professional city guides show customers the city centre with the town hall and the main churches, the world heritage site Kontorhäuser and Speicherstadt, villa and brick-built districts, stairs and tunnels, St. Pauli by day and night. Neighbourhoods from A to almost Z, history from Hammaburg to Hafencity, politics from colonial history to the deepening of the Elbe – there are specialists for everything.

… and round trips of all kinds

Hamburg also has the double-decker buses that drive past the sights of major cities around the world. Tours are offered in vintage buses, in rickshaws or on bicycles. Launches and excursion boats offer tours on the Elbe and Alster. There is even a bus that enters the Elbe and continues the tour by swimming!

Professional tours have their price

Of course, that’s a good thing. As a rule, professional city tours also follow a fixed schedule and a fixed route. And different people usually book the same tour independently of each other.

Here you can find offers:

Below you will find a short overview of city tours and sightseeing tours and their prices. And of course we Greeter can give you useful information and recommendations.


And what do the Greeters offer?

Our motto:
Come as a guest – leave as a friend

We Hamburg-Greeter approach things on a more private level. We all love our city and enjoy showing it to other people. We meet up with guests as we would with friends who are visiting Hamburg from another city and want to experience something there.

You decide where to go

You, the guests, tell us what you would like to see. Is it your first time in Hamburg, or do you already know many of the sights? Favourite districts, favourite topics? More than 100 greeters contribute their specialised knowledge and prepare for their – your – tours. Our “Matching” service matches your enquiry with a greeter and the direct arrangements can begin. When and where to start? Meeting point hotel, underground station, prominent point? Where are bicycles available, where are the right public transport tickets?

You tell us who is coming

You can register as an individual, as a couple, as a family or as a group of friends. Up to 6 people, and that’s it. We do not combine different registrations.

And all on a voluntary basis

We Greeter are all volunteers around the world who enjoy communicating with our guests. We don’t take any money for this. Not even a tip. We are happy to receive a nice comment. And when you’re back home, you CAN donate an amount of your choice to our organisation.

What we can’t do

Some destinations in Hamburg have their own tour guides. We can’t guide you through the mayor’s chambers, nor into the backstage areas of the Elbphilharmonie. City Hall and the Elphi do that themselves. But we can tell you where and how you can book it.

It is up to you: instead of a city tour – a greet?

All about “Greets”

  • Dauer: zwei bis drei Stunden und absolut kostenlos
  • Max. 6 people, no combination of different groups
  • Meeting point and exact route: by agreement between guest and Greeter
  • Requests: please at least two weeks before the desired date
  • More about Greets