Great autumn walk through the Ohlsdorf cemetery

This is what guests wrote to us after their greet:

Great autumn walk through the Ohlsdorf cemetery
14. Feb 2021

In response to our very spontaneous request to organise a greeting for our grandmother’s visit, Rainer suggested a tour of the autumn-coloured Ohlsdorf cemetery. Although I’ve lived here for a few years, I hadn’t really thought about Europe’s largest and most beautiful park cemetery. So Rainer showed us a corner of Hamburg that was completely unknown to us and we were completely thrilled by the 2-3 hour walk to the graves of famous personalities. Especially for my grandmother it was a great experience that she still talks about a lot 🙂 Rainer was well prepared and knew so many interesting (personal as well as public) stories about the personalities and the history of the cemetery. Rainer was also very kind to our grandmother, who was herself reminiscing about the “old times”, already in the design of the route but also during the walk. Thank you, dear Rainer, for the lovely greet! All four of us had a great afternoon 🙂

Image source: Own production

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