About the Hamburg Greeters

Hamburg Icons

The name „Greeter“ derives from the English word “to greet”. Greeters welcome guests and take them on individual Greets through the city – without charge.

The Greeter concept was first initiated and developed in New York by Lynn Brooks in 1992, then it was known as “Big Apple Greeters”. Meanwhile the idea has gained more and more friends – both Greeters and guests.

Hamburg Greeters came into being in the Spring of 2012. At our Greets, inquisitive guests meet up with dedicated Hamburg folks.

We Greeters love our hometown and we like to give you an insight into our personal lives in Hamburg. We accompany you through the city – entirely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personal and individual walkabouts and you will hear about our workaday lives.

We do not offer you a complete sightseeing-tour to tourist-attractions, but we can tell you where you can get those.

Here you can read what happens on a Greet.

Blick auf die Elbe - Image: Mediaserver Hamburg, Joerg Modrow