Rose und Maxwell from California wrote:


Rose and I want to express our heart fill thanks to both of you for spending the day with us and walking us through so many memorable locations.  Together with your earlier emails detailing thoughtful suggestions on where to go by ourselves, we wish to have at least a week here to enjoy more of Hamburg.  Your graceful embassador action was most inspiring and we will treasure our friendship forever.  Please give our best regards to Hamburg Greeters.

After we parted, we proceeded to the Miniature Wonderland.  It sure was a wonderful place to visit, not only for the kids.  Actually we saw at home the video a few years ago.  The scenes are so realistic.  Many airplanes took off and landed on the runway.  Amazing.  After that, we took the U to the next station to get on the ferry for 3 stops.  We saw Hamburg harbor and the container terminal.  It was a busy port.

Thanks again to our Greeter Rebekka and Bodo,  hope to see you in LA soon!