This quarter benefits from its special position on the Alster-lake. There is the posh avenue “Schöne Aussicht” (Beautiful View), white villas, “Feenteich” (Fairy-Pond), lawns strewn in, the Mosque, many canals and old town houses. There is a wide choice of interesting sights; all this makes the district into an attractive quarter, only 15 walking-minutes from the city centre.
The quarter grew slowly in the second half of the 19th century. The first big villas stood in “Schöne Aussicht” with gardens and with access to the Alster-lake. A special rule existed, the “Uhlenhorst Conditions”, whereby any kind of trade on the Western side of Hofweg was forbidden, neither were blocks of flats allowed – assuring the residents of their exclusiveness.
One of the most beautiful places of worship is the neo-Gothic church of “St.-Gertrud” at Kuhmühlenteich. One of the oldest buildings is “Literatur-Haus” (House of Literature), with a grand ballroom. You see house-boats on Eilbekkanal, “Alsterperle” and other beautiful spots for taking a rest along the water-front.

Place of Interest Uhlenhorst