This part of town is known beyond Hamburg’s borders as the area where left-wing autonomous groups gather for demonstrations and riots.
It is also a former working class quarter with a slaughterhouse and with the manufacture of high-class pianos and exclusive writing equipment of the very best. Carl Hagenbeck founded his first zoo with exotic animals in 1874. Sternschanze was founded in 1682 as a fortification outside the gates of Hamburg,
and up to this day it is the quarter with left-wing autonomous movement, with “Rote Flora” as its centre. ”Flora” was founded in 1889 as a community and concert house and it has been used for various purposes ever since.
Gentrification attracted film production, sales promoters, fashion houses, bars and restaurants, the TV-cook Tim Mälzer, a coffee roasting plant, a brewery and a hotel in a water-tower. On a sunny day and in the evening, the street “Schulterblatt” is the place to be, one of the most sought-after places in Hamburg.

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