The tour was my Hamburg highlight

I took a delightful tour with my Greeterin Inge. We started at the Elbphilharmonie, went to the old Elbtunnel (what a wonderful surprise) and then we toured to the Isemarkt a bi-weekly market. I spend 2-3 months per year in Europe for work and pleasure. It is these experiences which are always the highlight. Half of my interest is in the sights and the other half is to get to know someone from another culture. I was very comfortable speaking with Inge about a range of topics. She is well prepared to discuss the landmarks and when necessary had a set of index cards to confirm the facts. She moved easily around the city and was a joy to get to know. Additionally, she recommended many buildings that I should see on my own. I hope to have the pleasure of touring with her again.

A long delayed thank you to our Greeter


We wanted to tell lur Greeter Rainer what a wonderful and simply fabulous day we had with him. My daughters and I really enjoyed him and his wonderful knowledge of Hamburg. We all agreed that this was the best part of our journey and would not have had anywhere close to the same experience in Hamburg without him.

Thank you and hope he is doing well.

Hamburg would not have been the same without Gordon…


Fantastic…!!! Our Greeter Gordon was so welcoming and very well informed about the places and history of Hamburg, which he generously shared with me several hours. He is an excellent guide, speaks very good and clear English and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning walking around city with him. It was a amazing and very interesting walk with a lot of background information about Hamburg. Gordon was a very nice and pleasant guide with a lot of knowledge.

Please thank Gordon and I thanks Hamburg Greeter for a wonderful journey…

Hamburg, what an experience!


Gordon was an extremely good Greeter. He made us feel very welcome and he was very knowledgeable regarding Hamburg. I have been to Hamburg several times but my wife hasn’t and at the end of the greet we both felt very much better informed on many aspects of Hamburg that I have not previously experienced.

Heartwarming Hamburg



We thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour with our Greeter Jan. He is a warm and affable person. He provided us with a wealth of knowledge on the history and culture of the city. He recommended a restaurant where local dishes are prepared. We usually dine and eat the dishes that are unique to an area. Our Meals were delicious. Jan provided us with our itinerary with maps of the subway and trains.

He is one of the best tour guides we have had and we have travelled to many countries around the world. He has inspired me and my cousin to become a Greeter ourselves.

We are very grateful for the time he spent with us. Thank you.

Great time in Hamburg

Had a great tour in Hamburg with our Greeter Gordon! He was friendly and informative and took us to tons of places that we wouldn’t have otherwise gone. Not just the popular tourist destinations, but the hidden gems throughout the city that you would only think to visit if you had lived in Hamburg for years (like Gordon has). He even got some nice bird pics by pretending to have treats for them. Thanks!

Wonderful day in Hamburg with Elsbeth


I had a wonderful few hours with the Greeter Elsbeth. She was very knowledgeable about the city. Showed me the old and new parts of Hamburg. Truly enjoyed myself. Would recommend her and the wonderful Greeter service. 5/5 stars. Thank you.

What a wonderful program for tourists


I wish to write to you for thank Hamburg Greeters for not only is it a wonderful program for tourists, but for how lucky you are to have Tom as one of your greeters!

Tom was so friendly and patient!  Even though I didn’t really know what I wanted to see he gave me the best tour of Hamburg a person spending only 24hrs in the city could ever want.

To have someone take 3 hours from their day to show you the wonderful parts of their city, to a complete stranger for nothing other than pride in their home city and to make a person feel welcome and not so overwhelmed by what to see or do was truly an amazing experience! Tom was so wonderfully relaxed, easy to talk with and I felt he showed and educated me more about this beautiful city of Hamburg than what I could have learned in weeks in a mere few hours.

Please forward my most highest recommendations to all involved with Hamburg-Greeters that Tom was a wonderful greeter and I am thankful to all who are part of the program.

Thanks again, best regards  Matthew

Wonderful Experience Exploring Hamburg

I was fortunate to experience the sights and sounds of Hamburg in the company of a wonderful greeter, Jörn. Before my visit, I emailed my wishlist of places to cover during my Hamburg greet.
Jörn explained the significance of different spots in Hamburg and patiently answered all my questions pertaining to the city. During our walk, Jörn took me to interesting locations in the city, which I would have otherwise never known. I got a good understanding on the architecture and history of different buildings such as Rathaus, St Michaels Church and Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
In the true spirit of the Greeter program, I came as a guest and left as a friend. I cannot thank Jörn and Hamburg Greeter enough, for their time, in being wonderful hosts and great ambassadors of this magnificent city.

A lovely time in Hamburg

We had a very interesting walk with our Greeter Ulrich. He was very informative and took us to places we would not have thought of visiting. We really enjoyed his company and his sense of humour.

We had a great time with him and would like to say thank you very much.