Family trip to Hamburg

It was very good and an excellent way to see Hamburg through eyes of a resident.
We did lots of interesting things for a family

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Wealth of information presented effortlessly

Fantastic experience. Gordon was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and also flexible regarding the route, etc. He would have continued even though we had already covered 2 hours but my tiny brain was suffering from overload so I had to bow out. Would recommend him for anyone new to Hamburg.

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A wonderful tour of Hamburg

Hildegund was fantastic. Her knowledge of all things Hamburg is impressive. She showed me many interesting areas and buildings, pointing out details I never would have noticed on my own. She was extremely generous with her time. We were lucky to have a gorgeous, warm day, which further enhanced the day (thanks for arranging that, Hildegund!). Thank you for a wonderful experience.

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An experience not to be missed

Our time with Fred, an International Greeter in Hamburg, was a highlight of our month in Europe. Fred took us to parts of Hamburg we never would have found on our own while sharing the history of Hamburg and how it informs the present. We took a ferry ride down the river, walked along a neighborhood where sea captains used to live, and explored a changing neighborhood. We parted with a great appreciation for the dynamic and diverse city of Hamburg. We highly recommend others taking advantage of this wonderful program and becoming Greeter in their own cities. Thanks again, Fred!

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An informative and personalized tour with Gudrun

We had a wonderful experience with our Greeter Gudrun. She showed us (we’re an American couple plus our 21-year old son and his girlfriend) several neighborhoods around the city center, discussing architecture, history, customs, and contemporary issues plus many other subjects, answering every question we asked. She had maps and brochures to offer us, to help with planning our visit. She was friendly, welcoming and genuinely interested in making sure we enjoyed our experience in Hamburg. We really enjoyed seeing “her view of Hamburg” which made it a personal experience not a standard tour. That is what we enjoyed the most.

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Good News from Brussels!

We were absolutely delighted with our guided visit of Hamburg with Gordon. The visit was just extraordinay and the knowledge of Gordon about Hamburg was absolutely amazing. We really enjoyed the visit and would like to make a contribution to your association.

Also, worth mentioning, Gordon’s knowledge of French is just not good but fantastic!!!!

Thanks a lot for everything, Roseline

An excellent guide!

Heinz was an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable about Hamburg and did
his best to help us enjoy your beautiful city.
Would recommend him highly.
Lloyd and Arlene


Beautiful memories of Hamburg


Excellent!!!! We’ve seen places and heard explanations and stories we could have not found in any travel book!.
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We spend a wonderful morning with our Greeter Claus. It was a very good idea to go in three different areas. We could thus discover various sides of the city that show its diversity. Our Greeter Claus is very knowledgeable about his city and we could feel he truly loves this place.

Thanks a lot and welcome to Paris. We have Greeter there as well.

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Gudrun – highlight of our tour!

Our Greeterin Gudrun gave us the insights of a part of Hamburg, no tour book ever can give because she is a local with a human touch. She is excellent, explained everything so clearly that we enjoyed the time with her. It is said that often we forget the sights we see but the person who shared them with us, never.

Thanks so much Gudrun for the wonderful time spent with you. Thanks also to Hamburg Greeter for your thoughtful organisation!

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