What a wonderful program for tourists


I wish to write to you for thank Hamburg Greeters for not only is it a wonderful program for tourists, but for how lucky you are to have Tom as one of your greeters!

Tom was so friendly and patient!  Even though I didn’t really know what I wanted to see he gave me the best tour of Hamburg a person spending only 24hrs in the city could ever want.

To have someone take 3 hours from their day to show you the wonderful parts of their city, to a complete stranger for nothing other than pride in their home city and to make a person feel welcome and not so overwhelmed by what to see or do was truly an amazing experience! Tom was so wonderfully relaxed, easy to talk with and I felt he showed and educated me more about this beautiful city of Hamburg than what I could have learned in weeks in a mere few hours.

Please forward my most highest recommendations to all involved with Hamburg-Greeters that Tom was a wonderful greeter and I am thankful to all who are part of the program.

Thanks again, best regards  Matthew