Despite the wind and rain, we made it! A tour in Hamburg could have never been any better without the company of Hildegund. This lady just rocked it!! As we walked across the city, I came to discover many of its secrets, more about its history and the beauty of its past and of course present. I have taken probably many buildings for granted walking past them and not appreciating the stories behind them. Had it not been for Hildegund, I would have missed out on learning new things about Hamburg! I would say that she is passionate about what she does and that’s why I enjoyed my trip with her. Not only is she friendly but indeed very open minded and has a insight on different cultures and backgrounds. I was highly entertained by the talks we had and it felt that we have known each other for so long. I could not but recommend everyone on joining tours with German Greeter!!! Thanks once again for the amazingly planned entertaining fun tour!!

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