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Welcome to Hamburg Greeters!

Greeters welcome you to Hamburg!Welcome to Hamburg Greeters! Do search for more than a guided city tour, more than just sightseeing? Would you like to see Hamburg, second biggest city in Germany, through the eyes of a local? Do you want to know exciting stories you would never find in a normal travel guide? You want to know how Hamburg works and how it feels to live in Hamburg?

Just browse through our site and learn more about us, the Hamburg Greeters. What does a greet look like? Who are the greeters you might meet? And last but not least what do other people think about these special Hamburg ambassadors? Have a look and use our application form for visitors to register and meet the greeters as soon as possible. We are looking forward to meeting you in our city, in Hamburg!

Find some more information about the worldwide Greeters on Wikipedia.

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